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Moringa Powder - Moringa oleifera - Sohjana Patti Powder (250g)

Moringa Powder - Moringa oleifera - Sohjana Patti Powder (250g)

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Benefits of Moringa Leaves Powder

In classical Ayurvedic texts, it is called Shigru or Sehjna. It is a fast-growing tree that is native to Southeast Asia.
In India, it is used in the diet as a vegetable as well as medicine. 
In recent years, as demand for side-effect-free treatment has arisen, it has gained global popularity.

Availability: It is commonly found in all parts of India and is now cultivated in abundance to meet medicinal demand. 

Varieties: There are three varieties on the basis of flower color, but only the white-flowered variety is common and commercially available. 

Parts used: leaves, root, seed pods, oil, resin (gond).

Others Name: Dried Drumstick, Shajmah, Shajna, Segra, Suragavo, Sigru, Muringa, Shevga, Munigha, Soanjana, Murungai, Oleifera

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