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अर्जुन पाउडर - टर्मिनलिया अर्जुन

अर्जुन पाउडर - टर्मिनलिया अर्जुन

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टैक्स शामिल। शिपिंग की गणना चेकआउट के समय की जाती है।

How to use Arjun Chal Powder for maximum benefit:

Arjun Chal Powder is a day in nature, so it is used for high cholesterol and heart disease, but on long-term use, many patients feel that dryness. To overcome this issue and increase benefits, we are providing a simple yet effective recipe Take 1 teaspoon of tea-cut Jokatt af Arjun Chal Powder. Add it to 1 cup of water and 1 cup of milk. OR soak it overnight in a cap of water and add milk in the morning. 3 Boil it on a low flame with proper stirring. It needs to be boiled till all water evaporates and milk is left. It can be sieved and consumed lukewarm. Mishri or honey can be added if advised by your Ayurveda physician.

Other Name: Arjun Chhaal, Arjuna Bark Powder, Tree Kwath, Chettu Beradu, Arjunchall Churna, Arjun Chaal Powder, Terminalia Arjuna,

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